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Top 10 Ways to Avoid Speeding Tickets

Top 10 Ways to Avoid Speeding Tickets

Top 10 Ways to Avoid Speeding Tickets reduce tickets. igher speed limits speeding

As municipalities, counties, and states look for additional source of revenue, getting a traffic ticket can be exceptionally easy. However, if you follow these top 10 ways to avoid speeding tickets, you could save yourself a lot of money, time, and potential danger.

#1. Pay Attention to Your Speed

This is a bit obvious but if there is a single way to guarantee that get a traffic ticket, it is speeding. With all the distractions drivers face today, it is easy to lose track of your speed. Keep an eye on your speedometer frequently.

#2. Observe Posted Speed Limit Signs

Speed limits can change frequently. Some stretches of roadway will have several different posted speeds that can vary rapidly. Some freeways and school zones also have variable speed zones so keep an eye out for these.

#3. Use Your Cruise Control

Using your car’s cruise control feature can help prevent speeding tickets. However, this feature should only be used when it is safe to do so. This feature works best when you are on a more empty stretch of dry highway or freeway that has a constant speed limit.

#4. Racing Through Traffic Control Devices

There are times we’ve all wanted to beat traffic lights. However, these tickets are becoming much more common as more intersections get cameras and can lead to multiple infractions including speeding. Cameras not only provide hard evidence of your crime, but also allow a single police person to monitor multiple intersections simultaneously. Many times, they will even record an intersection for several days and then go through it all at once and write tickets for every infraction they see.

#5. Driving Too Fast For Dangerous Conditions

If it is raining exceptionally hard, has been snowing a lot, or even if it’s foggy you could get a ticket for driving too fast for the conditions even if you are not technically speeding. The problem is that there is no hard and fast rule for how much under the speed limit you should drive. In general, follow the flow of traffic and keep plenty of distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.

#6. Stay Away from the Sports Car

While having a sports car may be a lot of fun and drawing attention to yourself isn’t against the law, it does ensure that you stand out to police. This means that you could be more closely monitored than other drivers.

#7. Buckle Up

“Click It or Ticket” is the slogan for seatbelt laws which have become commonplace across the nation. As with all new traffic laws they are harshly enforced during the transition period until people get used to it. Plus, it gives the police a simple excuse to pull you over and possible write you up for other infractions such as speeding.

#8. Changing Lanes Frequently

Changing lanes frequently usually indicates a driver who wants to go fast. Also, driving intoxicated will get you pulled over every time. There are a variety of different things that police are trained to watch for and they will be more than happy to pull you over if you appear drunk and you will definitely not talk your way out of it.

#9. Don’t Stay in the Passing Lane

In many states, the left lane may be designated as a passing lane. Faster drivers tend to like to use the passing lane or “fast lane” so it can draw attention to you. You may also feel pressure to drive faster if cars behind you get close to you. Avoid the temptation by moving to the right.

#10. Mechanical Defects

Another easy way to get a ticket is by having some sort of mechanical defect, such as your taillight being out. This again, can draw attention to you. As long as this is the only infraction, you will likely get a “Fix It Ticket”, which means you simply need to fix the problem and show up to the courthouse with documentation that you did so.

Avoiding Traffic Tickets Helps You Save

These top 10 ways to avoid speeding ticket are practices that can also lead to lower insurance rates. On our website, we aim to help drivers lower their insurance rates. We allow you to compare the prices of leading national insurance companies and lock in your lowest rate. Simply enter your zip code and you could start saving hundreds of dollars per year.

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